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ARS & Associates


Art's Background

  • Publisher,  Sr. Marketing and Sales Executive and Sales Trainer at Three Multi-Billion-Dollar Corporations
  • Developed sales presentations for over fifteen US corporations
  • Marketing/Sales Executive for 104 magazines and newspapers
  • Business Marketing and Sales Consultant at over 40 Companies
  • Private Sales Coach for Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
  • Writer, editor, copy editor
  • Publisher of So. Cal Business Paper
  • Motivational Speaker/Humorist
  • Conducted over 80 sales seminars 

Art's current project is the publication and distribution of a new fiction novel, NATURE'S DEMISE,  ​aimed at informing people about the many interwoven ecological and political crises facing the US and the world, and motivating both government and corporate leaders to invest in solutions to protect our planet and its civilization from so many imminent horrific disasters.

ARS Associates

A group of accomplished professionals  who provide the knowledge base and critical thinking essential to assist clients in business matters, and provide the content, data and candid  constructive criticism needed for   Art Shields' consulting and writing projects.

     Associate's Past or Present Position

  • World Wide Planner - Major Int'l Corp.
  • Sr. Dir. Employee Relations - Major Corp.
  • Engineering Physicist - SLAC
  • Sr. Web Master & Consultant
  • Sr. Project Manager -  LA Railways
  • Sales Mgr. Major Hotel Chain
  • VP/Co-0wner International Mfg. Co.
  • Leading Visual Design Expert
  • Controller - Major Publisher/Printer
  • Director Operations – Chemical Mfr.
  • Senior Education Leader
  • President – Advertising Agency
  • USC Marketing Professor
  • President Marketing Firm
  • President National Security Co.